Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the ReOC Application and Approval Process Take

Approximately 14 business days, from receipt of complete and compliant documents, for a basic application


What Services do we Provide and How Much will it Cost

Basic ReOC application $1,200 (GST inclusive)

See under the ‘SERVICES’ TAB for a full list of the SERVICES we can offer you to get your ReOC business operating commercially and conform if you are audited by CASA.

Whom is on Kelvins Team

Kelvin Hutchinson – the Delegate and Chief Assessor

Hayley Mason – Application Manager

Julia Coyte – Administrative Assistant

Martin Shephard – Assessor

Contact our office on 0477733235 or email us at –


The Delegates Role and Assessment Process

Kelvin Hutchinson and his team are capable of undertaking all aspects of your ReOC application including the issuing of the ReOC Certificate.

The ReOC assessment and approval process comprises:

Documentation Assessment your 101-06 and 101-08 application documents and manuals are checked that they contain all necessary content. We may need to get you to change a few items in your documents. You will be guided in that regard.

Job Scenario you undertake a job scenario which we will provide. This is an interactive process and educational. Most participants actually enjoy the interaction and process.

Interview by the Assessor. First, we undertake a critique of the Job Scenario you have undertaken. The Assessor will then ask you questions relating to: your Operations Manual, CASR 101, Chief Remote Pilot responsibilities and on flight and RPAS procedures.

Knowledge Deficiency Report (KDRs) If you have some knowledge deficiencies the Assessor will issue you with KDRs. You are required to submit to the Assessor correct answers to each KDR issued prior to being assessed as competent. It should be noted that if the Assessor deems an applicant to be too knowledge deficient the Job Scenario and interview process may need to be repeated.

The Delegate will then issue your ReOC Certificate electronically and via mail.

You are required to submit to the Delegate

  • A copy of your RePL or Controllers Certificate
  • Details on who you did your RePL Course with (Certificate, email or letter)
  • Photo ID of all nominated key personnel (e.g. MD/CEO, CRP, MC)
  • Aviation Reference Number (ARN) for all key personnel mentioned in the manuals
  • Aviation Reference Number (ARN) for your Company or Association
  • Sole Trader ASIC ID i.e. Record of the Registration of Business Name
  • Company or Association ID. Must be an ASIC company extract (approx $10.00)
  • Associations… we need a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation
  • Individuals or Companies with Business names, we need your Record of Registration of the business name from ASIC. This document must show that the business name is owned by the individual applicant or Company making the application.