The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has taken the initiative of outsourcing the RPA Operators Certificate (ReOC), previously known as Unmanned Operators Certificate (UOC), applications.

Kelvin Hutchinson, an experienced RPAS services operator, has been appointed as a CASA Delegate to undertake a range of RPA regulatory services for and on behalf of CASA with the intention to save time and cost for industry participants throughout Australia.

Being a CASA delegate allows Kelvin to be able to accept, assess and approve applications and issue ReOC business operation certificates directly to RPA industry operators. No interaction with CASA is needed either by the applicant or the delegate. This allows ReOC (previously UOC) applications to be handled quickly and cost effectively.

Disclosure – as a CASA IoD Delegate offering ReOC application processing services it is a CASA requirement that I, Kelvin Hutchinson disclose to you that I have a potential conflict of interest (as any RPA industry IoD Delegate holder will have) in that I undertake RePL, ReOC and RPAS manufacturing services in Australia. At no stage will I have access to your client details or any database of operational information you may hold. Your privacy is important to me and strict confidentiality will be maintained at all times.