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Our basic ReOC processing and interview services where you provide pre prepared ReOC documents and 101-06 and 101-08 application forms and supporting documents, start from $1,200 (including GST).

We also offer ReOC document preparation services at attractive prices. You will be given details and prices when you REGISTER or make application via a RePL Training School Full Package Service Provider of your choice who work with us.

As a guide our ReOC Document Preparation Services can include…

Option 1.. We prepare your Basic ReOC documentation (Operations Manual and Library) which includes night rating and <30m flight procedures. We then undertake your interview, and in turn the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operators Certificate is then issued by the Kelvin (the Delegate) – $1,450.00

Second Option 2… As per option 1 above plus a suite of operational documents you will need for Commercial Operations anywhere in Australia. These include:

  • Form 101-09 for flights outside the ReOC approval you hold
  • RPAS Maintenance Release (recommended for all RPAS you fly)
  • Pre Flight Basic Risk assessment document
  • Battery Pre and Post level check sheet with flight times and maintenance issue descriptors
  • Detailed Preflight check lists for MR and FW
  • Emergency Procedures Checklist
  • 10+ pages of Risk Assessment possibilities for any flight occasion when a Form 101-09 application is made to CASA by you for flights outside what approval you will hold i.e. EVLOS, above 400’, populous area approvals, flights at or near airfields etc. NOTE: this cost over $6,000 to prepare using an Aviation Risk Assessment Expert and has been used by Kelvin (the Delegate) to secure Area Approvals from CASA for RPAS flight at or near Airports etc


If you are Audited by CASA (which you will be) you will need to have similar to the above to show CASA you are operating responsibly. You have the option to prepare these documents yourself if you choose. These document can be purchased in the future if needed.